Family Oriented Pediatric Speech Therapy

Here at Pediatric Speech Therapy our team is committed to providing the support, opportunities, and speech therapy services necessary to promote every child’s independence and overall development from infancy through adulthood. All children are unique and require a well thought out individualized speech therapy plan.

Our Commitment

Here in the Pediatric Speech Therapy at Pediatric Plastic Surgery Institute, we are dedicated to providing holistic, family-oriented therapeutic services using evidence-based practices to support effective communication in all areas of daily life. Every child is unique, and we believe in individualizing services to fit each child’s needs while working with the family to effectively generalize learned skills across all environments.

Meet Carole Brooks

Speech Pathologist

Practicing as a speech-language pathologist since 2004, Carole has a depth of experience in the evaluation and treatment of children with communication, feeding, and swallowing disorders. Carole has experience providing support and treatment to children in all phases of development and recovery, including work in acute care, the neonatal intensive care unit, pediatric inpatient rehabilitation, intensive inpatient feeding treatment, outpatient evaluation and treatment, home care services, and the public school system. Carole has experience educating other therapists on feeding and swallowing disorders through the development and provision of continuing education courses as well as through her work as an adjunct professor at the University of North Texas.

Carole is passionate about serving children and families faced with communication, feeding, and/or swallowing disorders with a goal to empower her clients with the skills needed to interact with others in their day-to-day life, whether by improving communication or feeding abilities. As a parent of a child with communication difficulties, Carole is cognizant of the importance of family support and education for fostering success in speech therapy, and is, therefore, purposeful in providing family-centered, holistic speech therapy services.


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